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Fulfillment Time

Fulfillment time is the time it takes to make your custom-ordered product. Our estimated fulfillment time is calculated in business days:

  • Embroidered Items (hats, some sweatshirts, jackets, sweatpants): ~ 7-14 Business Days
  • DTG Printed Items (most t-shirts, some sweatshirts) : ~ 7-14 Business Days
  • Sublimated Items (Jerseys, masks, leggings, etc): ~ 7-14 Business Days

For more information on these processes, you can read about Embroidery here, DTG here, and Sublimation here.

***If you are purchasing more than one item, they may be shipping separately! You will receive multiple tracking numbers if this is the case.*

Please note:

  • Fulfillment time doesn't include shipping. To get an idea of how long an order will take to reach its destination, combine the estimated fulfillment time with the estimated shipping time.
  • Our fulfillment averages don't account for the time an order might be put on hold.
How Does DTG Work?

What is DTG?

Direct-to-garment, or DTG, is a printing method that sprays the ink onto the garment. The ink then soaks into the fibers of the garment. It’s like printing on paper, but on clothing.

DTG printers offer a lot of color options which means you can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with almost no color limitations. This is important for those businesses like us that want to try out various colors and designs.

Check out this video for a quick look:

Examples of products that are commonly printed using DTG:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Stickers
How Does Embroidery Work?

What is Embroidery?

We use machine embroidery, which is an embroidery process whereby a sewing machine or embroidery machine is used to create patterns on textiles. It is used commercially in product branding, corporate advertising, uniforma adornment, and in the fashion industry to decorate garments and apparel.

Check out this video for a quick look:

Examples of products that are commonly embroidered:

  • Backpacks
  • Hats
  • Jackets

Our embroidered items have an average production time of about 3-8 business days

How Does Sublimation Work?

What is Sublimation?

In simple terms, it's a method of printing that transfers a design into a material or fabric using ink and heat.

Our average production time for sublimated items is about 7-14 business days.

Check out this video for a quick look: -

Examples of products that are sublimated

  • Jerseys
  • Pro Hoodies
  • Flags
  • Mousepads
  • Masks

So how does sublimation work? First, a design is printed onto special paper. The inks that are used turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the fabric and permanently print onto the fabric. The effects are permanent and less prone to fading, as the ink is embedded in the fabric or substrate rather than simply laying on top like a normal print.

The process is almost like a tattoo, but instead of for your skin, it’s for your chosen product. The heat opens up the pores of the fabric, then with the applied pressure the ink cools and returns to a solid form.

The result is a permanent, full color image that won’t crack, peel or wash away from the substrate. The process allows the ink to go from a solid to a gas without turning to liquid, a bit like dry ice. The conversion is initiated by heat and controlled by pressure.

This quick and effective digital print method is growing in popularity for smaller batch orders and those designs that rely on the details. Sublimation printing is also known as ‘all over printing’ as it allows you to choose a design that can literally go from seam to seam.

Shipping / Order Timing

Do you offer shipping with tracking?

Yes, all of our shipping methods have tracking. You will receive an email with tracking information once your order ships out. Note that the quality of tracking may differ for some local carriers globally.

How do I check my order status?

If you’ve already placed an order, log in to your account and, under the Orders section, view your order status and details.

Please note, you will always receive two updates via email: an order confirmation once your order is placed, and a shipping confirmation once shipped.

Shipping Time

Shipping Time - Some shipments may take longer than listed below due to COVID precautions

  • Within USA: USPS First Class Shipping Time: 2-5 days USPS Priority Shipping Time: 2-3 days
  • *Outside USA: DHL Express: 3-6 Business Days DHL Global Mail: 14-21 Business Days

*A note about DHL & USPS International Shipments:

If your package has already arrived in your country and the DHL or USPS tracking info has not updated since its arrival, it is likely because your package has been handed off from DHL to your local postal provider for the final leg of delivery. Sometimes DHL and USPS tracking will end, or “freeze”, once this hand off has occurred. Your tracking updates will now be provided from your local postal provider at this point. To get your local postal provider’s tracking number, go to the DHL or USPS tracking webpage and locate the field “Delivery by Postal provider” on the right. This number should work in your local postal provider’s website.

What happens if a package wasn't delivered to me, but the tracking says that it was?

If a package is marked as delivered by the carrier, but you did not receive it, please contact the carrier directly.

There may be cases where the delivery was made, but the package was left in an unexpected location at your address. You should reach out to the carrier and inquire if any additional details were left by the delivery person. For example: “Left in the mailbox."

If the package was marked as delivered by the carrier, but you report that you have yet to receive it, NEU is not responsible for the cost of reshipping or refunding the order.

Where do you ship to?

We’re able to ship to all countries excluding; Argentina, Brazil, Cambodia, Crimea, Cuba, Ecuador, India, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Philippines, Romania, Serbia, Syria, & Thailand.

24 August 2022

Why can’t I select Express shipping at order checkout?

You won't be able to select the Express shipping option for shipments to Europe if you haven't added a contact phone number during checkout. It's a requirement to add your number so the carrier can get in touch with you to arrange the delivery.


How long do I have to submit a claim for a return/exchange?

Any claims for misprinted/damaged/defective items must be submitted within 4 weeks after the product is received.

For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no more than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date.

Return Policy

We will extend a full refund on any unworn and unwashed merchandise shipped back within 14 days of delivery date.
We will offer exchanges on any unworn and unwashed merchandise shipped back within 30 days of delivery date.

Please include your name and order number and send all returns and exchanges to:
4015 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Merchandise that has been customized in any way is not eligible for returns.

In the case of any problems with your order like defects, misprints, or errors on our end, please contact customer service at for assistance.

What if my order is lost in the mail?

If your package does get lost in transit and the shipping address was 100% correct, NEU will either refund or replace the order dependent on the circumstances.

For packages lost in transit, all claims must be submitted no later than 4 weeks after the estimated delivery date.

NEU will not issue a refund or replacement for an order that is lost in transit until 21 days after the package was last scanned.

We may ask for your help before replacing your order, like confirming with you that the shipping address was correct. You may need to get in touch with your local post office to try locating the lost order.

Keep in mind that if tracking information states an order was delivered but you think that you haven't received it, we can't take responsibility and reship that order.

What if the product is damaged in the mail?

If something arrives damaged, send a photo of the damaged goods to, then we'll gladly send a replacement at no cost to you.


Care Instructions

Printed apparel (direct-to-garment)

We use the latest direct-to-garment (DTG) printing technology to offer a wide variety of printable garments and design color options. We use high-quality inks that won't fade for a long time if taken care of properly.

Printed apparel can be machine-washed cold, inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors. Use non-chlorine bleach only when necessary. You shouldn't use any fabric softeners or dry-clean the items.

DTG-printed apparel can be tumble-dried on a low cycle, but hang-dry works best. When it comes to ironing, use cool iron inside-out. Don't iron the print.

Follow these instructions carefully to avoid fading and cracking of the print, and shrinking the garment that can occur if you wash or dry it on a high setting.

Embroidered apparel

Embroidered apparel can be machine-washed cold, inside-out on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent and like colors. You can use a small amount of chlorine bleach, but non-chlorine is the safer option.

If you notice any color residue in water, rinse the garment in lukewarm water and then in cold several times, but try not to rub any stained embroidery. Embroidered clothing can also be dry-cleaned.

After washing, don't leave the clothing to soak or lie in a pile while wet. Don't wring out the embroidered items, but if you want to tumble-dry them, use a cool air setting.

If the garment needs ironing, do it inside-out, preferably between two pieces of cloth. You shouldn't wet embroidery before ironing or use a steam iron.

Embroidered hats and backpacks

Embroidered hats and backpacks can be wiped clean with a damp cloth in the spots where it's needed. If necessary, hats can be hand-washed cold. Don't use brushes.

Both hats and backpacks shoudn't be machine-washed, bleached, tumble-dried, ironed, or dry-cleaned. Read the manufacturer label carefully for any other instructions.


  • Cleaning: Machine-washed cold with like colors, without bleach. Flip inside out for more protection for the garment.
  • Drying: You can tumble-dry the apparel on low heat. Don't iron and don't dry clean.
Mask FAQs

Mask FAQs

Congratulations on ordering your NEU Gaming face mask powered by BioSmart antimicrobial technology!

Below are instructions on how to properly use and care for your new mask.

BioSmart™ is a patented Milliken technology that binds chlorine bleach from the wash cycle to the surface of the fabric. Products with BioSmart technology must be washed with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach* to charge the fabric prior to each use. BioSmart technology is durable up to 75 launderings.

For home laundering, the initial charge procedure and the recharge (maintenance) procedure for BioSmart™ are the same, except that detergent is not required in the initial charge wash. In each case, EPA-registered chlorine bleach must be used.

  • All EPA-registered bleach products have instructions for laundry sanitization on the label. Most of them indicate that the proper concentration is 1/2 cup per standard home washing machine load. Some of the bleach products may vary in concentration and recommend a different level, so please check the label of the bleach that you are using. Do not use color-safe bleach.
  • Use a regular laundry cycle and be sure to include the rinse step. Failure to rinse the fabric can result in local concentrations of chlorine bleach that may cause irritation to sensitive individuals. After the rinse, you may not be able to smell a bleach odor, but the chlorine bleach is still bound to the fabric.
  • Detergent is not required for the initial charge but should be used for all maintenance washes along with the EPA-registered chlorine bleach.
  • The fabric can be dried in any manner (tumble drier, line dry, etc.) without affecting the performance. • BioSmart is engineered to recharge when laundered with an EPA-registered chlorine bleach.* The technology is durable up to 75 launderings.


Q: Do BioSmart Mask need to be charged in order to work?

A: Yes, BioSmart Mask are supplied “uncharged” and must be laundered with a chlorine bleach in order to have antimicrobial properties.

Q: How is BioSmart charged?

A: BioSmart technology must be washed initially using chlorine bleach to charge the fabric. Every wash cycle must include chlorine bleach to recharge the fabric and maintain its antimicrobial activity.

Q: How long does the antimicrobial technology last with each charge?

A: Once charged the antimicrobial technology will stay charged for up to 12-weeks. Your mask should always be washed with non-color safe chlorine bleach after every use in order to properly recharge the BioSmart antimicrobial technology.

Q: Will BioSmart technology work with peroxide bleach?

A: No, BioSmart requires chlorine bleach. The chemistry does not bind to peroxide. Washing with peroxide will not harm BioSmart fabrics, but there will be no residual antimicrobial effect.

Q: Can I use color safe bleach?

A: No, chlorine bleach must be used. The fabric is designed to work with chlorine bleach. Minimal fading will occur over time.

Q: Are BioSmart face mask hazardous to breathe?

A: No, the chemistry is not hazardous and is bound to the fabric. After charging according to instructions, the amount of chlorine that could be released is well below established exposure risk levels.

Q: Can BioSmart mask be put into the dryer?

A: BioSmart technology can be dried according to any commercial method without harming the durability of the technology.

These masks have NOT been FDA tested and NEU's make is no implied warranty of use or any guarantee of any kind. We recommend following the CDC guidance for the proper use of reusable masks and other related COVID-19 preventative measures. Due to the customization and nature of the product all sales are final.

Who pays the customs duties & taxes?

Shipments outside of the USA may incur customs fees depending on the destination country. The fee may vary depending on your order value, country limits, and other factors based on the product itself.