Evil Geniuses Lil SonicFox Fursona Plushie: Limited Edition Furry Collectible

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Guess who's back?  This NEW SonicFox furry collectible is back but this time in their alternate Fursona colors of red and black!  Their fursona embodies confidence and cockiness and allows them to be their true self on stage.  We want you to be yourself and bring confidence with you everywhere you go.  Be godlike in being you.  

Get your limited edition, exclusively numbered, Fursona plushie and plushie cape NOW.

  • Plushie Stands 10x11x4 inches Tall
  • Includes SF Plushie Cape
  • Plushie Cape Dimensions: 7.25'' x 4'' 
  • 100% Polyester
  • Custom Designed EG hangtags
  • Individually Numbered

**If you're ordering the plushie alongside any of the other items in the collection, they will be shipped separately and you will receive multiple packages

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